Monday, May 18, 2015

San Diego

 Recently we went to San Diego for 5 days. Arni had a conference to go to so Leif and I decided to come along and do some sight seeing as well as see my brother and his girlfriend whom live about 2 hours away. It wasn't quite as warm as we'd hoped so we didn't get to go swimming but we did catch a lot of sights. Leifur and I went to San Diego zoo and the aquarium. His first time to either. He slept during most of the zoo, which I also really enjoyed, what a great zoo. Then Leifur and I decided to explore and went to Cabrillo National Monument and then drive down to the tide pools. The Pacific coast is breathtakingly beautiful. The cliffs and edges, the foamy powerful waves making giant splashes, the cool salty air, everything.... amazing! I put him in the carrier and we hiked down to the pools. What a good baby I have, he just goes along with anything I do. The aquarium he absolutely LOVED! All the lights and movement, he was mesmerized. The next day  The also had this really cool kelp exhibit which I enjoyed.  When Brett and Sarah arrived we went down to Children s Beach in La Jolla to see the seals and sea lions. Another really cool experience, I've actually never seen a seal other than at the zoo, so I felt like a kid again too! After that we all went to a really cute bakery in La Jolla and we walked around the very sweet town. Brett had Leifur in the carrier and he soon fell asleep on his chest. I think both nephew and Uncle enjoyed this bonding time. We also went to the coast and hiked at Torrey Pines State Park. Another excellent place to visit! Hiking along the cliffs with an ocean view, can't beat it. At the end of the day, they took me to experience an acai bowl, which I am totally hooked on now, and then we all came back to our hotel to hang out and go to the hot tub to relax. Sarah and I took turns holding Leifur so the other could enjoy the water. We ended the night with a few beers and pizza and just talking back at the hotel while Leif slept. We really enjoyed visiting with them and were sorry it was over so quickly.

This was Leifur's second flight and he did super well again. Let's hope the streak continues for our trip next month to Washington DC. Leifur will be getting his Icelandic passport and Arni will get his renewed, My little viking a dual citizen already! I was reflecting back on how my very first flight wasn't until I was 15, when we flew to Maryland, and then not another until I was an adult. Of course wanderlust bit me and I haven't stopped since, and Leifur has two under his belt before 6 months old! I really hope he likes traveling as much as I do, I want him to experience the WORLD!

Trying his first food, bananas

My big guy is 5 months!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

XC skiing!

Guess what everyone.......??? I got to go skiing for the first time since last season! I feel like a tiny part of my old life suddenly came back to me! Last weekend our good friends came for a visit and we took advantage of that and all went for a day of xc skiing. We pulled Leifur behind in the chariot and set out on Haymaker golf course. So So So fun and happy to get out! I may have even made the comment as we were finishing up and heading for a beer on how HAPPY I am to not be pregnant anymore! Ha Ha! Slowly things are getting better. I may never have my old life back, but now I have a better one. It may have a slower pace and earlier evenings but it's pretty dern swell! Last weekend I also got to have a girls night where Caitlyn and I went for real sushi (also a first for me since being pregnant) and saki bombs! We sat at the sushi bar and enjoyed watching the chefs make rolls and chatted it up girl style. We also got to have game night over the weekend and Caitlyn and Johan spoiled us by making Swedish meatballs and all the fixins' Swedish style. We also had enough leftovers to enjoy it again the next night!

Amma and Afi's visit

    Last month Arni's parents came for a 2 week visit to meet their newest grandson. They were a great help. We had meals made for us, the house straightened up, groceries bought and built in babysitters! Steini even washed our vehicles. Arni and I are usually on top on things and anyone who has ever been a guest in our house knows we try really hard to make it a special visit, keeping the house tidy, and stocking the fridge with lots of goodies. Since having Leifur though we are totally off our game. Although things are easier than they used to be, guests should not be surprised to arrive to a crazy house with no food in the fridge! We consider it a good night if we got one load of laundry washed (not folded, that's another days work), a semi hot meal on the table, and maybe just maybe catch up on one or two episodes of Vikings. All this is usually done when the baby is napping and or bedtime. I am also happy to report Leifur is going down for naps much better than he used to so I am actually able to get a thing or two done. Up until last week or so he almost always had to be held and rocked to fall asleep and then as soon as you would try to put him down he'd wake up and we'd start the whole process over again. This usually resulted in me giving up and just holding him while he slept. A nice feeling sure, but I would get absolutely nothing done. Sleeping through the night is not happening yet, but I remain hopeful we will get there eventually. I've heard breastfed babies tend to eat more often, and I guess I am just used to it at this point. Some nights feel particularly hard, especially the ones where I have to be at work at 6am, but overall it's manageable. I actually really enjoy nursing him and anyone who knows how much difficulty I had with this in the beginning will agree this is a huge feat. At one point I didn't think I could even make it until 6 weeks and now we are 4 months and counting. I feel quite confident we will make it to our goal of one year, maybe even more who knows!
    Anyway back to the grandparents visit, Leifur absolutely adored him Amma and Afi. Baby coos and smiles all around! We went skiing a few times as well. Once we went cross country skiing and brought Leifur along with us in his chariot. I am not as good at XC as I am downhill so it is more difficult for me, but everyone seemed to have a good time. After we all had lunch at Haymaker golf course. We also got to go downhill (my favorite) twice! The first time all four of us went and our good friends watched Leifur for a few hours. This was the first time Anna Marie and Steini had skied in Colorado and the first time they had ever skied at such a big ski resort. They were amazed and shocked at how many ski trails there were. It was my first time downhill skiing since last season before I got pregnant, and it was thrilling! I forgot how much I missed it and how exciting it feels to race downhill, skies cutting through the powder, cold wind slapping your face and the throbbing on adrenaline in your veins. Make you want to ski? Well it should! Arni and I got to go one more time just the two of us while the in-laws watched the baby. Little by little we feel we are getting our old selves back, well, even better we are getting our old lifestyle back with a bonus! Life is GOOD!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Grandma Kitty's visit

    A few weeks back we had the first of the grandparents visit, my mom. We actually surprised her at the airport with Leifur. She thought Arni was just going to drive down and pick her up, but instead we arranged to stay with friends for the weekend and pic her up in the morning. She was shocked! The was Leifs first trip to Denver and he did amazing. he slept the whole way there and then was an angel for us. My mom stayed one week and spent many hours cuddling with her grandbaby, giving me a few extra precious hours to sleep in. She also accompanied me to his first set of shots for moral support haha. In between baby cuddles and kisses we managed to ride horses through the snow, go to a painting class, take Leifur on a few outings and go to the hot springs. During her visit he started lifting his head up and smiling which were both milestones. Glad she got to witness that. Right now Arni's parents are here for a visit and I am back to work, more blogs later!

   On other news, we finally went downhill skiing for the first time this season and it was terribly fun! I forgot how much I missed it. We have been cross country skiing a few times, which is also fun, but downhill is by far my favorite! We will try to go once or twice more before all the snow melts. It is spring time here for sure! We have been enjoying tee shirt weather, the horses are losing their thick winter coats and I see little buds of grass poking up here and there. I can't wait for warm weather! The funny thing is at the end of each season I am so ready for the next. As much as I love summertime, at the end I can't wait for the snow to arrive, and about now I can't wait for the snow to melt! We are also very excited for our Florida trip and we also have a trip planned for San Diego. Brett and Sarah will drive down from their place to see us and meet their nephew for the first time. Leifur will be a fine little traveler, anyone who knows his parents well won't be surprised about that!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hey friends, how are y'all? Árni and I have been well and we feel like we are finally settling into our roll as parents. Leifur sleeps a little more than he used to and breastfeeding is going superbly so we are certainly more confident to take outings. I joined this newborn network of Steamboat and have met some really great ladies and their adorable babies! We usually meet on Mondays for momma/ baby yoga, which is really a gentle yoga class and we are allowed to bring or babies lol. On Tuesdays is newborn network, which is a free class put on by the city of Steamboat which we learn a new topic every week and then if course socialize and recently I've actually volunteered to coordinate Wednesday outings with 6 other gals for us to do things like hike, or meet for coffee, park, ski things like that and of course we bring the little ones. This week yoga was canceled so the 7 of us went and had coffee and then for a walk, what a site seeing all these babies lined up, so cute! On Wednesday myself and two other gals took the babies on a hike at Emerald Mountain. It was snowy and a pretty good incline, so needless to say I realized how out of shape I am! Carrying around a nearly 12 lb baby isn't the easiest either! I have just two weeks left on my maternity leave which makes me incredibly sad! I never thought it would be so hard to leave him. Luckily I will only be working three days a week but that's still three days I'll miss out on Leifur's life! Even on the hardest of days, he's still the best decision I've ever made.

Last week we had some guests. My friend Tessa, who has been my friend for ten years, text me and said her sister Lyndee was temporarily living in Boulder. So we invited her to come stay with us, and it so happened that their mom Marilyn, was coming to Colorado for a visit so she came as well. They stayed with us two nights and man were they active! They went snowmobiling one day and dog sledding the next! I took them to strawberry park hot springs on Friday evening and Saturday morning we all went to Old Town Hot springs! This was Leifur's second trip to the pool and he loved it!  We really enjoyed having them and hope Tessa can make it next time!

Our Valentine's day was pretty swell actually. We started off the day with a family trip to the swimming pool, followed by milkshakes at our favorite drugstore, pho for dinner and then got the baby down to sleep and we caught up on some Netflix. They may sound boring to you but it was absolutely perfect for us!
We have much to look forward to in the next few months. Arni's parents will be meeting their grandson for the first time in a couple weeks and we hope to finally get some skiing in. Today is a wintery snow filled day and tonight is girls night for me!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Yep you got it, sleep. That is pretty much the only thing I dream of now days. I suppose this is a new parent right of passage we must all survive, but dern I can't wait for it to be over! On a good day/night Leifur will sleep in 2 1/2-3 hr increments on a bad night I'd rather not say. Friends just keep passing on words of encouragement and hope (even if it is a fib!) We will make it! The best thing though, is he is just so stinkin cute! Especially now than hes getting chunkier, I just want to kiss all over his double chins! The only time in life being toothless and having thigh rolls is cute. We are looking forward to Grandma Kitty's visit next week and Amma and Afi's visit in March. We also booked a flight to Florida in the spring, message me for dates! Leifur (and mommy) can't wait to see the ocean and have some warmth.
     I can't believe how fast these weeks are passing, my maternity leave has just over one month left and I'm sure that will fly by too. I hope we have some sort of routine established by the time I get back to work, because right now the routine is there is no routine! I have been getting braver and going on more outings sans Arni lately. Every time I do it, it gets a little easier. Our first trip was just to run a few errands and I swear I held my breath every time he made any little squeak! We also made a trip to the Ice Hockey rink to watch Arni and Johan practice and finally I went to a newborn class yesterday, which was surprisingly fun. I met some other new moms and the kiddos were all so cute interacting with each other. Of course, Leifur was unimpressed and slept the whole time, I also think going to groups like this is good for me, because I am still nervous about breastfeeding outside of the comforts of my home. Not because I am a modest person so much as I am just not super coordinated at it! We are both learning and will get better with time.
    This past weekend our friends came for a visit, which was really nice. They brought us snacks from Trader Joes, took us out to lunch and made us breakfast! I guess we traded out with baby cuddle time. Saturday, Arni and Johan went to open skate where they practiced some Hockey drills while Caitlyn, Leifur and I watched and then we all went downtown to Lyons's for a sandwich and ice cream. We played some board games that evening and ate Icelandic hot dogs. Sunday we all relaxed over coffee and a hockey game, The plan was to go into the hot tub as well, that is until we realized the circuit blew and the whole thing was frozen.. oops! Obviously we have had other things on our minds. It was a great weekend and we look forward to future visits.

Book Club with the ladies

Caitlyn wanted to ride through the snow =)

Caitlyn made this play mat for Leifur! It has little viking ships on it!